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You love football, support your favourite team, and always remember to check the league table at the end of the week. But is this enough to call yourself a true football fan? To answer this question, we will tell you about 5 simple but effective aspects that will reveal how deep you are in the sport.

Before starting, you must understand what it means to be a football fan. Being a fan is about more than just watching matches at home and instinctively throwing fists in the air when your favourite team scores a goal. It is also about knowing everything there is to know about the sport and its players (past and present), attending matches whenever possible and staying up-to-date on all news about the game.

If this sounds like something that describes you, read on and let these 5 aspects uncover the level of your fandom.

  1. You are knowledgeable about all major football competitions

Football has a complex system of competitions that includes leagues and cups from all over the world. Considering this richness is a crucial factor in, for example, deciding which team is the best in the world.

To be a true football fan, you don’t just have to be familiar with the Premier League or La Liga, MLS or Bundesliga. You need to learn about every major football tournament in the world and go deeper than just the games.

You have to be able to tell about the history of these competitions, the rivalries between clubs, the rivalries between countries, and keep learning stats and facts about the sport.

Moreover, having all this knowledge can significantly elevate how you experience everything related to football. You can use it to go through the ultimate test—how you’d fare in betting. Sports betting can open wide doors for you as a fan, allowing you to get closer to the football world and test how well you can read the game, the players and the diverse competitions.

  1. You know all about the past and current events in football

Football is constantly evolving, and one of the best ways to witness this evolution is by studying the sport’s past. This is why you should be familiar with all major events in football.

We’re not just talking about events like the World Cup, but other important tournaments such as the Super Cup, the Confederations Cup, AFCON and the Club World Cup to cite just a few examples. Of course, there’s more to it than the games at these competitions, and many other events are worth paying attention to.

These include the Ballon d’Or award, the World Cup’s all-time top scorers, the most contested tournament finals, and so on.

  1. You never miss a match

If you are like most football fans, you probably watch all the matches that are played by your favourite team. You don’t have to be in the stadium, but true fans do their best to never miss a game. Even if that means listening to it on the radio.

With the media technology available today, there’s no excuse for a true football fan not to watch their favourite team play. You can play, replay, and follow the games 24/7 and anywhere, and mobile devices and new streaming technologies made this possible.

  1. You know who is who in the football world

A true football fan knows who is who in the football world. This might seem like an odd thing to do, but you have to be in the know about all the news related to the sport. That’s because for a team to be successful, there are a lot of players and managers who help it get there.

It’s a sign of respect towards the hard work of these people to at least know who they are. Recognising these people’s names, roles, achievements, and stats can go a long way in feeling more connected to your favourite team, and it also helps making predictions regarding the future of the team.

  1. You get energised when you think about football

What unites all that makes a football fan a “true” fan? It’s the energy in your body when you watch, think and talk about the game. This visceral response to football is the best way to determine how much you appreciate the game.

If you recognise yourself in all these aspects, or at least in some, then pat yourself on the back, for you are a true football fan. And if not, you can always brush up on your knowledge about the sport and astonish your mates with your vast encyclopaedic familiarity with this incredible game.


Of course, all of this is intended in good spirit. You don’t really have to know everything there is to know about football to be considered a true fan of the game. Football is the greatest game in the world, and everyone can find the beauty in it in their own way.

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