Date: 31st October 2019 at 1:51pm
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The most valued football teams have earned multitudes of fans globally. And the armies of followers are always happy when showing off their loyalty with uniforms. That, as a result, has made jerseys one leading sponsorship asset. Of course, both fans and players equally are becoming mobile posters that are ready to be sold to the highest buyer.

Perhaps shirt sponsorship is one major source of income. Many companies and businesses give millions to top La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue One soccer clubs. Following the way entertainment platforms are becoming intertwined, it is undoubted that online casinos will set the race into such deals too. Here are some of the top 5 most lucrative sponsorship deals.

1. Manchester United

The Red Devils is a club rich with history and success stories. Equally, this English club has obtained many exclusive shirt deals before and is still ready to take further financial hits. However, during the last season, the team earned a sponsorship worth $140 million from Chevrolet. Thus, the Reds is listed among the top clubs with the most expensive shirts and jerseys. The agreement with the automobile company sees the club get an amazing 80 million dollars every year.

The number of football clubs from Europe’s top 5 leagues with gambling sponsors is on the rise. The list of Premier League football teams sponsored by online casinos includes Everton, West Ham, Newcastle, and Watford, but not Manchester United. The Red Devils still stick to big players coming from other industries such as Chevrolet and Adidas

Manchester United’s uniform contracts have always jumped to the lead from before. With the current one being worth $559 million signed for seven-years with Chevy. That brings an annual payout that is more than double what this team received from its previous funding. But this club will blow away this record again and take the top spot for kits contracts. Once the ten-year partnership with Adidas of $1.14 billion starts in the next season, the club will hit the headlines.

It will be paying close to $114 million per year, showing the Red Devils will never be out of this race. This increase is a clear sign that the team has a lot of interest in exposing the brand. And because the kit manufacturers can potentially bring them above their competitors, the team will don the services offered to them.

2. Barcelona

After earning from other shirt sponsorship deals for over 110 years, Barcelona settled to be funded by Qatar Airways. The Catalan club then terminated this deal, landed another top shirt contract with the Japanese-based company, Rakuten. When the partnership started, the Spanish La Liga giants sees an earning of 41 million dollars per year.

Fans are never surprised to find this sport’s top-most valued team ranked among the top. Currently, the team ranks second on stadium and jersey sponsorship with a revenue haul of $80 million every season. There is a renegotiation procedure hinted to be going on for the Nike kit deal. The earnings are expected to nearly double up the current funding income to 160 million dollars per season.

Interestingly, Barcelona also has a contract with Intel that injects 5 million dollars per year. As a result, the club has the company’s logo inside its jersey. That is a clear reflection of why the Catalan team will soon surge up in ranks every season. Such a range in partnership is reportedly something sought after for some time.

The team’s deal as well aligns with the expected major increase in earnings. The next reiteration cleared the renovations at Camp Nou stadium after the first-ever naming partnership. If the agreements come through as planned, Barcelona will be closing with enough yearly incomes that put the team in the right spot in the race.

3. Arsenal

On the side of the English Premier League, Arsenal earned 80 million dollars from the last season’s jersey sponsorship deal. Inducted at the third position of the top richest soccer teams, this club is well decorated. With 13 Premier League and First Division title, the football legend has a combined top score of 11 FA Cups.

Arsenal earns 34 million dollars every year from the kit sponsorship deal with the giant sports manufacturing company, Puma. Also, the club has a funding association with Fly Emirates Airlines for Stadium naming. This funding also includes both practice and game day jerseys. Currently, this has a payout of nearly 46 million dollars per year. This corporate sponsor has the leading representation for this team.

4. Manchester City

British clubs like Manchester City as well reflect the huge popularity of English Premier League kit sponsorship deals. The club has taken home many biggest funding hauls. Currently, the footballing powerhouse earns from the partnership with Etihad Airways after The Abu Dhabi United Group bought them. The ten-year relationship includes sponsorship for the stadium, jersey, and youth academy. As a result, this pays nearly 61 million dollars every year.

The start of this lucrative partnership means City will receive enough income every season. As a result, this made this airline giant get the rights to name Manchester City stadium. The champions also have received a high-profile deal during this season. After the purchase, the company immediately began placing fuss of bids for the team’s notorious players.

Manchester City also has received 18 million dollars per year for its kit funding deal with Nike. Specifically, the manufacturing giant bundled together its Manchester City and Arsenal. It involved the rights to name both clubs’ stadia and provide jersey.

This manufacturer believes that there is no other kit maker that can invest in the games. And of course, the sportswear company shells out millions every year to the teams.

5. Chelsea

For some time, Chelsea had its kits sponsored by the big Japanese tire company, Yokohama. Now, the Blues received a shirt deal with the sports manufacturer Adidas. That contract sees the club earn 44 million dollars every year and thus instated in the fifth position among the richest soccer deals of soccer.

Additionally, this English Premier League giant is earning a total of 27 million dollars per year from the jersey sponsorship by Samsung. However, this club has no tie-up for its stadiums naming rights. A new deal of Chelsea with Yokohama Rubber kicked in 2015-16. The agreements are expected to boost this team’s sponsorship income to above 100 million dollars per year.