Date: 8th February 2020 at 8:30am
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Football and gambling often go hand in hand in the modern day game, with Betting Companies being regular shirt and stadium sponsors as well as featuring regularly on the TV, internet and radio and if you do fancy a flutter of a weekend or midweek, your options are almost limitless and the 2019/20 campaign is absolutely no different.

You don’t even have to like Ray Winstone shouting at you – it’s a part of many people’s matchday experience and if you want to learn more about tools to help you stay in full control of your habits then you can find more information here.

Gambling in the game has also become a side conversation with players like Joey Barton, in recent years, discussing how the Football Association and clubs need to be on a level playing field given the saturation in the game, and then player punishments for getting involved themselves, and with that change in conversation and the pivot to looking more closely at fan involvement, Gamstop is a very worthy addition to the betting and casino markets – helping fans, both new and old, and even non-football fans, to set their own limits to ensure you don’t get wrapped up in the moment and overstretch.

With Liverpool effectively sewing up the Premier League title even though we are only just into February, the battle at the bottom of the top flight will definitely see some winners and losers given how close the points tally is, and even the Championship is tempting at both ends of the table for the casual punter and to get maximum enjoyment if betting is your kind of thing, it’s just about being sensible and making sure it’s part of the experience and not the ‘be all and end all’ of your 90 minutes.