Date: 16th February 2021 at 10:00am
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The commercial gambling industry has become a significant industry that cannot be ignored at any cost. The sector has shown more considerable progress with the evolution of online gambling. Gambling of any form has ceased to be small-scale in nature. What used to be localized in nature has reached a global scale with the unification of online gaming with gambling.

Industry-level gambling is so complex that it requires sound knowledge in the field before one decides to venture into it. Since the wagering platforms online have an extensive range of terms and conditions, it is best to stay updated with the gambling industry’s changing laws.

However, given how vast this sphere is, there is a high risk of running into scams and fraudulent gambling complexes. Thus, many media sources have taken to reporting authentic news reports from the global gambling industry. The idea of such authorities to take part in this process is to normalize gambling activities, work towards decriminalization of gambling, spread awareness, and at the same time, and promote responsible gambling activities.

In this article, we will take a look at the various authoritative sources that offer insight into the betting industry worldwide.

The Independent is an extremely popular newspaper in the United Kingdom which started as a morning daily and now has grown into a full-fledged online newspaper. This newspaper was started in 1986, and its objective was to form an unbiased opinion of the state of affairs in Britain. They swore to remain free of any political influence and work to offer authenticity to the British people daily.

Currently, it is one of the largest names not only in Britain and the UK but all over the world. The Independent has offered relentless coverage over pertinent issues such as the Iraq War, Brexit, and the Syrian Refugee Crisis. Concerning the gambling scene, it presently has a separate column or tab for gambling on both its online and offline papers. The paper also covers lotteries in the United Kingdom.

One will find many topics under the Gambling section, starting from horse racing to e-Sports.


A team of professionals who have been a significant part of the gambling industry for ages comes with their in-depth knowledge in this field to offer advice and suggestions on the widely accepted wagering platforms that provide excellent opportunities online. For anyone who is looking for the best sports betting sites not on GamStop on the market, is ready to help. This team has come together to bring their expert advice regarding games and sites to the world through their reviews, articles, and tips.


When one talks about authorities in the media and newspaper houses of the United Kingdom, there is no possible way anyone can leave the BBC. Being one of the oldest and longest-running broadcasting agencies the world has been exposed to, BBC is indeed the first name that comes to mind when we say Great Britain. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation. It has its headquarters in Westminster, London.

Considering the fact that BBC is a public service for the British people, it finds it necessary to keep gambling on its list of topics given how important a part of life it is for the citizens. One would discover gambling articles on the British gambling industry, online casinos, horse racing, sports betting, lotteries, and e-Sports every second day on the papers. Besides, they have released a couple of documentaries and videos on the gambling industry so far too.


CalvinAyre is a premier website run by an entrepreneur who goes by the same name. This is a site that covers news and reports regarding the gambling industry all over the world. They offer their opinions on various moves and decisions in the industry. Furthermore, they have a team of analytics who work to study trends in the business front of the industry.

Talk about a trustworthy source for gambling news, affiliates, reviews, reports, and entertainment blog; this is the one.


Gambling Insider, popularly known as the GI magazine, is a more professional approach to the global gambling industry. This is a well-known business-to-business periodical that mainly deals with the online gambling scene. However, UK residents will find insight into the offline markets as well. Experienced gambling professionals worldwide curate the best articles and post their own stories throughout the week on this print publication.

Concluding Thoughts

The United Kingdom has had a more accepting approach to online gambling, which is evident from the coverage gambling receives on its popular periodicals and dailies.

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