Date: 22nd March 2020 at 9:16am
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Everyone loves watching live football. While highlight shows are always nice to catch up on the weekend’s action if you are a really dedication fan, then nothing compares to watching the action unfold before your very eyes. Thanks to the internet, there is more selection than ever before for UK fans when it comes to watching football online. This article is dedicated to helping you choose an online streaming venue, so that next time your favourite team is playing, you won’t miss a single kick of the ball. Read on to find out the best options at your disposal.

Sports Bookmaker Sites

If you would like to get access to tons of sports live streaming in high quality video without paying anything. Then this option is definitely the easiest, quickest and more reliable. Most of the best online bookmakers will have some form of infrastructure in place whereby you watch plenty of the top leagues, as well as plenty of the minor leagues, directly by signing into your bookmaker account. Depending on what betting site you use, the exact details of how and in which ways you can this depends on the bookies rules.
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In some cases, there may no rules in place and as long as you have an account at that specific bookmaker, then you can take your pick from the day’s games and watch them directly on their site. However, sometimes, the case may be you may have to meet some criteria first. In some cases, it might be a case of having available funds in your account, but it might also be that you need to place a bet on the game you want to watch in order to be eligible for viewing. If you are a big bettor, then this should be no problem.

Whatever the situation, at the majority of the top sport betting sites there will be some option to catch your games. Although bear in mind, there may not be an all-encompassing selection but the best of the day’s games are almost always guaranteed to be there for you to watch for free and without a long-standing subscription.

BT Sports

Before this service came about a couple of years ago, you were pretty much restricted to either watching the odd game on BBC, ITV or shelling out for a Sky subscription. None of which are ideal. BT Sports though offers a wide selection of domestic, European and International football action across a number of different channels. While they do not have everything, they do have a very good selection.

You can catch plenty of sports via this service without needing to commit to a full BT sports package too. In this case, you will pay a reasonable £30 per month, which is a very good value for the range of football action you get on a monthly basis and certainly beats a lot of other channel option in terms of the price, as well as the selection you get. Plus, with their online and mobile apps, you can watch the games you want to view as and when you please.


Another online sports streaming service that is an option for viewers is ESPN sports. While this is dedicated to US sports fan primarily, it is a very cheap way to view sports. Their sports package costs just $5 a month, which works out as £4.15 a month, or if you commit to a package, then it is a mere $50 a month, which works out as £41.50 a year. As such, it is impressively cheap.

However, due to its mainly US-orientated service there a number of inherent problems.  The first being that if you log on from the UK, then it will be blocked. As such, another investment you will need to make is into a VPN to ensure that you can access the service. If you already have a VPN then this won’t be too much of a problem.

However, the other issue is that they may not show quite as much of an all-encompassing football experience as you would get at BT Sports as their target market prides American Sports like Baseball, Basketball and American Football over our own beloved Football. As well as this, you will need to put up with “football” being called “soccer” every game. However, for such a low price, it is not going to be a major issue, particularly if you are a fan of these other sports also.

Online Sports Streaming Sites

These sites can be just a quick google search away and they will usually showcase nearly every game you want to watch, regardless of league or level. However, these can sometimes be a bit of a legal grey area as they may not have acquired the necessary license. While it is unlikely the authorities may kick down your door, the upshot of this can be that the streams are of a bad quality, they may cut out halfway through the action, or the coverage might be in a language which you can’t understand.

The best solution to this is finding an online sports streaming site where you may pay a small fee to watch one game in particular, or you can even sign up for a subscription to ensure that you don’t fall foul of any of these aforementioned problems. Regardless, they can be a very quick, easy and cheap way to watch all kinds of football from across the world directly from your laptop or mobile.


Reddit is full of useful information. This includes way to watch football live. On their website, you will find threads dedicated to watching sports and these can contain links to the best places to watch football online and stream it with ease. However, again, you may encounter some of the problems we have mentioned above in terms of quality and reliability. However, if all else fails they can be a solid option by which to catch football action.

While there are, of course, plenty more options at your disposal, these are the best options that we personally would advise to use if you are looking for a wide variety of cheap and convenient online football viewing.