Date: 27th September 2018 at 3:54pm
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Football fans are a funny breed. Matchday isn’t always about matchday in the modern game and it probably wasn’t, for differing reasons, in days of old.

Getting out the house and having half a day out with the boys as you got away from the kids and missus after a hard week of graft still stands true today, but it’s not just the social ‘meet at the pub’ anymore and visit the bookies on top of the game. These days of course we have betting online, casino apps a plenty and whilst it can be a distraction and add enjoyment for fans with something extra riding on a result, as I’m sure fans of Manchester United will agree, even as a distraction it can carry added stress and confusion.

Namely, results under Jose Mourinho are hardly consistent. Neither are the performances of individual players at points, so which way do you pivot when it comes to the odds?

There’s about as much chance, it seems, of getting it right as simply spinning the ball and calling ‘red or black’. It’s so easy to find the best UK betting and casino sites with a quick search.

For those who like the sound of that simplicity could be for you.

Giving you a choice of the best online casinos around, you can enjoy the weekends Fixture schedule for what it is, regardless of your colours, and still enjoy a flutter and that small rush of a possible win that doesn’t depend on whether Paul Pogba decides to turn up, the requirement for stoppage time to take the win or even whether the referee has remembered to put his unbiased glasses on.