Date: 29th October 2018 at 9:24am
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The game is definitely designed to make you chuckle a bit. Consider that a good thing because the gaming world could always use a bit of humor. There are just too many slot games that have a serious edge to it and, honestly, that approach is okay. For those who want to laugh a bit when they are playing a slot game, Football Crazy delivers on those expectations.

Of course, the goal here (no pun intended) is to make a little bit of fun at World Cup Soccer/Football. Fans do take their favorite sport serious and, at times, that is a good thing. At some point though, you do need a little bit of levity. The hilariously loopy illustrations that comprise the images on the screen definitely add more than a bit of fun.

The game also pokes more than a slight bit of fun at the players who populate the soccer field. One character on the screen is dubbed “Fake Tan Guy” and another is “Rich Guy”. Yes, the game is filled with folks like this, just as in the real world of football.

The sounds are also designed to make you laugh, too. The sound effects are intended to be over-the-top and silly. As a result, you get more than a few laughs while playing. Since you probably want to play this app at times you wish to alleviate a little boredom, the added humor is always going to be a positive.

The Major Players are Present and Accounted for

One of the more annoying things about certain sports-related games is they use images and teams that are really unfamiliar to fans. Just making up teams does detract from the visuals. With Football Party, a host of top countries are represented right there on the screen for all to see. You get Brazil, the United States, Italy, and more. Other visual elements on the reels evoke the sights and sounds of the World Cup. This is typified by the presence of the classic World Cup Trophy.

The Reels and Lines: Playing for Fun

There are a host of combinations of results that can come out thanks to the collection of five reels and 15 fun-play lines. By “fun-play”, it is meant you are playing for points and pretend coins. You cannot play real wagers on this game as the app is intended solely for fun. You could definitely have a lot of fun with the game trying to amass the largest amount of winnings possible.

With the five reels and 15 play-fun lines, there are scores of interesting outcomes you might discover. Trying to predict how things will turn out on a spin is next to impossible. That doesn’t mean you can’t try or have fun doing so.

The spinning of the reels is performed at a decent pace. While not overly slow, they do not spin super fast. This is just the nature of the app’s software.

Easy to Load and Install

No one ever wishes to waste a lot of time struggling to install an app. With Football Crazy, you won’t have to worry about this problem.

The app is very easy to install on your preferred mobile device. You do not have to jump through a ton of unnecessary hoops. Once the app is installed, you can play as you wish as often as you wish. Do not fret about lags or crashes as the app works quite well at all times.