Date: 19th June 2020 at 9:21am
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On Wednesday evening the ‘eyes of the world’ were apparently gazing at Villa Park as Aston Villa kicked off the big Premier League Restart by welcoming surprise European hopefuls Sheffield United to their empty ground.

The match was hardly a classic and it finished scoreless which helped neither sides aims, but there were certainly talking points – namely Hawkeye’s previously magnificent reputation being reduced to tatters as apparently goalkeepers can fool the technology if they are standing/falling in the wrong place and even if everyone else knows the ball has clearly gone over the line, well, Hawkeye remains oblivious.

 It’s certainly got some old arguments raging but fans will be hoping that Friday’s fixtures (Norwich v Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United) become memorable for less contentious reasons and most fans will certainly be looking forward to the weekend as we have a full Championship fixture list to welcome back for the first time in three odd months.

With football back up and running now, although it remains a strange situation with fans unable to attend and simply watching at home either online or on the television, those fans who like a flutter can certainly add some spice to games now as they cycle by and there are plenty of prediction sites  out there with hints, tips and odds available for both new and the more experienced.

 It’s not quite what we’d call normal yet during these strange times, but it’s a step in the right direction and shouting at the TV should make a nice change for people this weekend now everyone has presumably finished the unexpected decorating and DIY that has helped keep them occupied.

Whilst football’s return certainly isn’t perfect, with the top two tiers at least finishing the 2019/20 campaign on the pitch with some sense of more normality, it’s definitely a better solution than the points per game or average points over a season suggestions we saw a few weeks back.

Now it’s simply down to who wants it the most again…which is how we like it…if your side wants it!