Date: 14th December 2021 at 2:53pm
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With new sponsors entering the shirts of the football teams the economy behind the sport is changing. But who are the new sponsors? We’ve taken a look at new sponsoring trends in football.

Looking back at the 20th century, you saw plenty of football shirts decorated with sponsors of chocolate bars, drinks and other products you could typically buy in a store. Those days are over. Modern football is nowadays sponsored by companies with way different services than offering you stuff to buy on the television. We have taken a look at some of the sponsor trends we’ve seen in the age of digitalisation.

Football is still the perfect platform to spread your brand out for worldwide attention. With the prominent position at the chest of the footballers, you’ll have your logo shown every single time a photo of a football player from the team is presented on any media. And now car companies, airlines, betting companies and finance companies are sponsoring Premier League teams.

International Attention

As the biggest football leagues of Europe are achieving even greater international attention, the sponsors are also becoming more international. In recent years the shirts of the Premier League have been featured with the logos of Asian bookmakers promoting betting companies not even available for British players.

In general football teams and gambling companies have found each other for a reciprocal partnership. The betting companies can have their platforms widely exposed for their target audience, and they are willing to pay the football teams big sums of money for this exposure.

Online casinos are also entering the football business with sponsorships of the clubs. Some of the biggest sponsor deals for Premier League clubs are with casino companies. The collaboration seems obvious, as football fans are often longing for the adrenaline rush that can be offered by casinos. You can try it out by yourself. You can play them online from the devices you already have, for example, your phone or computer. If you’re looking for new casinos in the UK, make sure you visit Here you can find the best and the newest casinos to play at.

Not Aimed at Every Single Fan

Finance companies have also entered the sponsor markets for the Premier League clubs. One of the prime examples is Standard Chartered who have sponsored Liverpool FC as the club’s main partner since 2010. As a multinational company operating with banking and financial services, it might not be seen as the company servicing the typical Scousers at Anfield Roal. But this is a good indication of the attraction an international mega-brand like Liverpool offers even for a multinational finance company.

The club is spreading the knowledge of the company to almost every part of the world, as Liverpool FC are lifting some of the sport’s most prominent trophies. Standard Chartered might not appeal to every single fan watching, but the value of the new customers is so high per customer, that it’s worth the high sums of money for the sponsoring of the team.

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