Date: 14th April 2020 at 10:40am
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Odds comparison helps you get the most out of betting systems, giving you an edge in an unfair system designed to offer you the least. When we talk about football betting odds comparison we should mention that some sites are even offering this as a paid service, but generally you can find it for free.

Bookmakers offer odds that reflect the likelihood of an event. These odds present the value customers can get if they place a certain bet. And the result decides how much money can be won by accurate predictions. 

And these odds are not plucked out of thin air. A lot of research goes into deciding these odds. Form, injuries, opposition attributes, points table standings, manager preferences, ground dimensions and many more variables are taken into account. 

Odds pricing

For the oddsmakers, there is no one size fits all and different bookmakers prioritize different variables separately. It is because of this difference in opinion that odds offers from bookmakers vary slightly. This opens a window, for casual and hardcore betting men, in finding the best potential return.

These discrepancies become larger for one-off events. Or when the price is long for one likelihood. And they change fast. 

When 9 men down, odds for a team scoring again are unlikely but Ajax did against Chelsea in the Champions League. The odds were different at different bookmakers and some diehard fan must have made bank.

Similarly, transfers, sackings and appointments are marked differently by bookmakers. Mikel Arteta was the favorite to replace Arsene Wenger but it was Unai Emery who got the job. Emery was marked 1/6 and 1/14 by different oddsmakers to land the job. The lucky ones who got made the bet at 1/14 made bank while at 1/6 it was still respectable. 

Why compare?

For any given selection, it has been observed that the odds shelled out can vary by 50%. So, once you have done your research, which side of the balance do you want to be on. 

Probably on the side that offers you the most. Especially in this cutthroat industry where making a profit is already hard. By not making the most of price offers, betting will not help you pay the bills. Value is there to be found, if you are looking at the right place. 

Benefits of comparing

While 50% variance are observed, it is more common to find 20% difference for more common odds. At this threshold value, it is not hard to double your winnings. It can be the difference in survival and going bust. 

The availability of comparison tools has made this process easier and quicker. These websites allow you to see them at the same spot. And it is not a daunting task to say the least. 

Once you select the comparison tool of your choice, you can view the different odds for your choice of event. And all the odds by different bookmakers are displayed. Moreover, you can view these odds in the format of your choice and filter by the areas you are looking at. 

Odds comparisons and finding value can discourage in using accumulators. But the market has produced a solution for those who prefer them. Bet baskets are made, and just like comparison checks, you get the option that offers you the most for your given choice. Acca’s are discouraged but if you fancy them, it is your money. 

Comparing odds offered at different bookmakers helps you extract greater value. But the downside is you have to operate account with different offerors. For professionals, it is part of the game. But for amateur gamblers, it can become a tiring process. Moreover, it is only applicable for online sports betting. If you use physical gambling address, the different trips will tire you out.