Date: 7th April 2020 at 12:52pm
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With the Premier League season delayed at least until the end of April, the lack of football is leaving us with nothing to look forward to each week. While killing time with old highlights or playing online slingo bingo games is all well and good, there’s nothing like a good football discussion.

With subject matter is pretty light at this point, the main thing that can be discussed is how each team will fare once the season returns. While it’s inconvenient for fans, the delay may just be beneficial for some teams as much as it is a hindrance for others.

Injury returns

There are plenty of key players that have been out for extended periods for all of the clubs across the Premier League. The postponement of the season will allow these players to come back fully fit and ready to play once it restarts, which could give certain teams a massive boost.

Two such teams are Tottenham and Aston Villa, who will have their first choice strikers back and ready to play, with Harry Kane returning for Spurs and the young Brazilian Wesley for Villa. Their availability could make the difference between solidifying a Champions League place for the London club and avoiding relegation for the Birmingham-based one.

Form stoppers

As with all sports, teams find themselves in good or bad forms all over the course of the season, making these periods important in the long run. An unprecedented event such as this throws a real spanner in the works for a lot of teams, however, as many were in good forms in February and March.

Burnley and Sheffield United, who were in great form before the delay hit, could have it scuppered by this period of social distancing, while the likes of Villa and Brighton may benefit from this opportunity to rest and regroup, increasing their chances of not slipping down to the Championship.

Summer adjustments

When the Premier League eventually returns, games will be played within the midst of the summertime. This means, unlike for most of the football season during the winter months, games will be played during the sunny weather.

While this will no doubt prove enjoyable for fans watching on, for players, it may be a real tough challenge to play a full 90 minutes of physically demanding football. The fitness and stamina of certain players above others may prove more valuable ever, which could bring with it some surprise performances and results.

Mood changing

Though the national spirit at the moment is not one of coming together, when the health crisis passes and football is given the green light, there’s no doubt the fans backing will be better than ever.

Often regarded as the 12th man, Premier League clubs could see their seasons really turn around when the long-awaited return of football ignites the passion within their home and away support. Stadiums will no doubt fill to the brim and this could prove the extra bit of help certain teams may need to achieve success.

However, given the need to finish the season, there is a growing possibility that games could be played behind closed doors and simply broadcast on TV.


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