Date: 11th May 2021 at 11:10am
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Almost every betting site now a day promises that they will give you the best bonus, if you start using their site. However, they can not all have the best bonus. So how do you figure out, which ones actually do have great bonuses and which ones are just lying to you? This guide will help you figure out where you will get the best bonus, and whether you should try Mr. Green for their mr green sport bonus or if you should try another site.

What is a bonus

First of all, it is important to know what a bonus is and what you need to do to get the bonus. You need to know this before you determine, which bonus would be the best fit for you. There are different types of bonuses out there. One of the most common ones is where you place a bet and the bookmaker will essentially double your bet. This means that if you place a bet on twenty pounds, the bookmaker will double it so the total bet will amount to 40 pounds. In this case it can be very tempting to place a high bet, because the amount the bookmaker will have to give will be bigger. However, you should as always think with your head before placing a bet and not just follow your heart. Another common bonus is the free bet series which is a bit like the other one. Here you are usually promised a series of free bets, if you bet something. However, the free bets are usually small, and you usually have to bet a bigger amount to get them. Another bonus is the initial bet bonus, where you basically are promised a certain amount for free, when you sign up at a site and deposit a certain amount into that site. However, you should note that you can only use the money to bet on that site, and you can therefore not just withdraw them. Also, you have to deposit a certain amount into the site, before you will get your bonus.

Find the right site

Another important thing you should think about, before you choose a site, is whether  or not the site fits you, and what you want to use it for. Not all sites have everything, so it is important that you determine what you want to get out of the site and what you want to use it for, before creating an account on the site.

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