Date: 10th August 2020 at 3:28pm
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Football is the most popular sport in the world so you will hardly find a bookmaker that doesn’t have loads of games in the offer every day. For football lovers, betting on these games seems like a natural path but even though many of them are really betting enthusiasts (some would say professionals), the fact is that most of them are losing money in the long run. Sometimes they win but in most cases, they lose.

That’s why we’ve decided to give you a couple of tips for more successful football betting. If you stick to most of the upcoming tips, there is no doubt that you will minimize the risk of losing money.

Pick a bookmaker

Although you won’t lose your money directly in this way, picking the right bookmaker will have a huge impact in the long run. First of all, a good bookmaker will give you better odds, which means higher potential winnings, which eventually means you will lose less money. Another important aspect is the number of games in the offer. You don’t want to bet somewhere where you can’t play all the games you want and all the matches you want. Being limited also means money lost.

It’s all about knowledge

Once you’ve found a bookmaker that has a wide range of matches in the offer and also offers fair odds, it’s time to focus on the most critical thing. That would be knowledge. If you plan to bet on football games, you probably know a little bit about this sports game. If you’re a complete noob, there is no reason to waste money. The more you know about this sport, the higher chances of winning are.

Also, it’s critical to find your own niche. Don’t bet on all competitions in the offer. Focus on leagues and cups that you like to watch. Football may have the same rules around the globe, but the way people play is completely different in various parts of the world. All this leads us to the next piece of advice, and that would be to gather as much information as you can.

Information is the key

If you want to predict the outcome of a certain match, you need quality information. That’s why we’ve just mentioned that you should stick to competitions you like to watch. It’s vastly important to know as much as possible details about teams, players, their forms and similar things. Moreover, you should do a study of every match you’re planning to bet. Find out the weather conditions, home and away records etc. Also, check the list of injured and suspended players. Those are things that can drastically affect the final outcome.

It’s about mathematics too

You don’t need to be a stats freaks to find out what are the best odds to chose. Too high odds sound attractive but chances of winning are very small. On the other side, very small odds are nothing more than a waste of time.

So, it’s time to do some calculations. Most gamblers prefer odds that go between 1.5 and 2.5. Simply, to make a 10-percent profit, you need a 55-percent success ration on odds of 2.0. Those who call themselves professionals usually score around 55-60 percent, so you may presume why they pick these odds. Sometimes they lose, in more cases, they win. However, the profit isn’t as big as you probably presume. Football betting requires time and patience.

Live betting is a fantastic thing

It often happens that, once a match starts, things are not going in the direction you were expecting. That’s why live betting is here to save the day. Things on paper are much different than in reality, so it could easily happen that your favorite doesn’t play as well as you expected. In that case, you can make new bets and get part of your money back. Live betting probably won’t bring you a bigger profit, but it is a great way to cover some of your losses. And if you ever get tired of live betting, there are a bunch of live casinos in the UK you could try out instead!

Read a good book about sports betting

These days, you can find loads of books about betting written by “experts”. While many of them look like they’ve been written by typical charlatans, there are actually some pretty good titles where you can find a nice piece of advice. Therefore, check some forums to find out which titles are worth buying.

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