Date: 31st January 2020 at 9:04am
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There is no doubt that Liverpool have been completely dominant in the Premier League this season, and barring a miracle they are going to comfortably lift the title with plenty of games in hand. This is of course fantastic for Liverpool fans, disappointing for fans of the other big clubs but what about the league as a whole? Are we seeing something good here and something we should be happy about because we have one of the best teams in the world, or will it lead to problems in the future?

Summer Spending Spree on the Horizon?

Manchester City are not going to take too kindly to the way they have lost their title this season. One thing that they are likely to do because of it is spend in the summer and strengthen their squad. This is the first year for many where they look behind an opponent in terms of quality and depth, and they will want to fix that.

It would also be no surprise to see Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham spending money, because they do not want to fall out of the top four on a regular basis. If Leicester hold on to a top four spot then don’t be surprised to see them invest too, with the Champions League to look forward to next season.

That leaves the rest of the Premier League. Clubs who cannot really afford to go all out and spend like the big clubs. They want to hang on to the coattails of those above them, but financially they won’t be able to and that will force the gap to grow.

There is already a fair-sized divide between the top and bottom of the Premier League, and with this it could become even bigger. When the divide grows, games become one-sided, boring affairs that no one wants to see. While it must be great being a Liverpool fan right now, turning up week in week out to watch your team beat the lower clubs in the Premier League 4-0 or 5-0 each week will soon lose its appeal.

The games should also have some kind of competitiveness for punters to place a bet on. There are many new betting sites that accept bets on the Premier League, and they want the games to be as close as possible. A league that has such an imbalance would not be appealing to punters, with heavy odds on favourites in each game and the clubs at the bottom being big outsiders to win every week.

The Premier League is probably already too divided between those at the top and bottom, and we should not be hoping it gets worse. Every club in the league needs to look after their own interests, and if that involves spending they will do that. Unfortunately though, the consequences for that spending could hurt the league in the long term and give us a lot of uncompetitive football games each weekend.