Date: 28th February 2022 at 4:44pm
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The 2021/22 Premier League campaign has continued it’s usual trend of creating plenty of headlines that stir the emotions of football fans irrespective of their club colours, and the Video Assistant Referee system continues to unite fans across the country.

A certain few sides seemingly always getting the benefit of the doubt on contentious (but favourable) decisions, and the inextricable contradictory decisions we see week in, week out as the Refereeing world pivots to justify their own decision making when even fans of the teams gaining the favour are pointing out how ridiculous a call it was.

For those fans who like a flutter, VAR can help with game to game Betting decisions given everything we know about it, but after the antics we saw in the recent Goodison Park clash between Everton and Manchester City, plenty will be keeping an eye on how the Premier League now respond to the home sides request for a formal apology for how the Officials handled their strong penalty call and effectively reinvented the PL’s own explanation of what is handball in the modern VAR game.

It is of course not the first time since VAR was introduced that there have been calls from managers for an apology to an inexplicable decision that VAR had acted differently on previously (even in another game in that round of fixtures), and it also won’t be the first time (if that apology is supplied) that one has been made after a full time whistle has been blown as the authorities scramble to cover themselves and their ‘clear and obvious’ mistakes.

One thing is for sure, VAR isn’t going anywhere now despite the additional problems and fan hatred it keeps creating, so those in charge really do quickly need to come up with a sensible solve here so it actually lives up to the billing that it’s introduction was sold on – making the game fairer, correcting clear and obvious errors and being speedy, reliable and consistent.

Decisions never really used to even themselves out for most sides in the top flight previously, VAR errors certainly don’t and I guess most fans feel their team loses out on clear and marginal decisions far more often than they ever seem to actually gain anything from the system.

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