Date: 13th March 2020 at 9:31am
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It’s not just life that has been thrown into chaos since the explosion of the Coronavirus issue and some people stockpiling the likes of toilet roll without a thought for anyone else, sporting events are certainly taking a whipping with games in Europe already cancelled.

With most Governments across the planet doing their best to limit the spread of the recently classed pandemic, we can definitely expect other events to fall by the wayside and there’s already talk that the Euro 2020 tournament could be postponed.

With European football already being hit and the Manchester City v Real Madrid Champions League clash being the latest to be postponed, many will think it is only a matter of time before football as a whole follows F1 and the ATP Tour in being temporarily cancelled over the spread concerns.

For many, the sporting implications will be small beer compared to the disruption to life and business with travel bans, the lockdowns and even schools in the Republic of Ireland now being closed, but for those who live and breath sport of a weekend, fans of Aston Villa may soon have to make alternative arrangements, despite on what Boris decides to do next.

Given our current position in the relegation zone, thoughts will be mixed on whether or not a temporary break in the calendar would actually suit our purpose here and give the players a chance to rest up more and clear their heads given the battle we now face.

As we head towards this weekend’s clash with Chelsea at Villa Park, news that Leicester City have three unnamed players in self isolation will be a concern of its own at this current time. We already know how injuries haven’t helped our cause this year, so depending on whether or not those ‘3 players’ had any involvement in Monday’s clash, there will be plenty in the fanbase who feel it would be Sod’s Law that we’d lose key players like Jack, should we have any issues of our own on that front.

As it stands, neither the Football Association nor the Premier League have stated what would happen if a club can prove an infection in its ranks, so whether the fixture will even go ahead as planned as this stage is open to debate.

But it’s going to be a doubt that’s with us ahead of every remaining fixture at the moment.