Date: 1st February 2019 at 3:06pm
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Chelsea fans have been facing a lot of disappointment in the last few months because the performance of the team is going downhill and the hopes of dazzling wins are dying every minute. It seems that the pressure to perform is catching up with the team’s Manager, Maurizio Sarri who has been seen giving explosive statements lately.

From what fans can assume from his recent statements, Sarri is not happy with Hazard’s performance because he thinks the star player has the potential to be a great player but is not doing enough to get results for the team.

In an apparently harsh statement, Sarri stated that Eden Hazard is free to leave Chelsea if he wishes for the same. There have been rumours of Hazard’s possible link up with Real Madrid for a while now, and the speculation has been growing in the last few months as Chelsea doesn’t seem able to stop him. The club would lose him for free in the summer of 2020 in case the club fails to sign a new deal with one of the most loved players of the decade.

Talking on the topic, Sarri said that Eden is 28 and if he wants to go, he has to go. Sarri also made it clear that he doesn’t want the player to leave because he has it in him to be the best player in Europe currently. The Italian professional football coach also added that it’s his job to improve Hazard and put him in a position so that he can do his best.

This is not the first time the renowned coach has spoken against the widely popular player. A few days back, Sarri had commented that Hazard is more of an individual player than a leader. He also urged the player to deliver more for the team while maintaining that he is a great player, one of the best in the world who can win a match in two minutes or even in just one minute.
Suggesting who could be the leader, Sarri had mentioned the name of David Luiz and stated that he has the characteristics needed to be a leader who can help all players to have the right mentality.

Stressing Hazard has to improve a lot, Sarri shared that he has to do more because his potential is higher than the performances he has been giving, reported The Guardian. He is an instinctive player, an individual player who finds it hard to play in one position. He likes to chase the ball, follow its direction because he wants the ball to be at his feet. The coach also suggested that Eden has to respect himself more.