Date: 7th September 2020 at 10:39am
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Over the past decade, football has exploded into a global phenomenon that has no rival. Ever since the mid-90s, the sport started to grow at an incredible pace as countries from all over began purchasing TV rights, and revenues skyrocketed as players departed from their native countries. The days when teams like Red Star Belgrade and Steaua București won the Champions League now seem like an outer-world fantasy.

As it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry, it has attracted the eye of companies who want access to its high-spending fan base. Thus, in recent years it has become a common occurrence to see the logo of gambling companies on jerseys of some of the world’s top teams. Those that love to play at PokerParty should not be surprised if the brand makes an appearance on a football kit soon. Here’s why.

It Is Mainstream

While the regulation of sports betting around the world has been a hot topic for years, in Europe, things have always been somewhat laxer. In comparison, in the US, states were only allowed to pass legalization since 2018. Thus, betting on sporting events is becoming more publicly accepted, as nine out of twenty English Premier League clubs have a betting sponsor.

In the past, tobacco and alcohol companies dominated the space, but now the tides have shifted as many jurisdictions ban such sponsorships, leaving the door open for gambling companies. There may be a morality debate that needs a resolution, but even despite mixed fan reaction, this seems like the direction we’re moving towards, as the trend is only expanding.

Appealing to a Gambling Crowd

Football teams need a ton of finances to survive. The sport’s elite daily throws around ridiculous fees for player transfers and salaries. They need backers that can pump money into their clubs. The attraction for companies in the gambling industry to do just that is that hardcore sports fans are already familiar with gambling, as they often place bets on sporting matches.

Therefore, companies like PartyPoker would have access to a demographic who sees nothing wrong with placing real money bets on online platforms, as they have likely done it before. For them, the activity has no stigma attached.

It Creates Brand Awareness

Having a company’s name in viewer’s faces for over ninety minutes seems like a terrific way to make that audience intrigued and have them seek out the brand. Not many people knew about Bwin before they started their partnership with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. The same applies to brands such as Dafabet, Fun88, Betway, and more.

Seeing a company’s logo every time a team plays inescapably creates a connection between the two. Fans form an association between the gambling brand and the team. When they think of the club, the sponsor immediately pops to mind, given that they see it plastered over player’s kits, advertising banners in and around the stadium, memorabilia, their social media platforms, and more. The two become interconnected.

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