Date: 16th June 2021 at 1:46pm
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In June and July the European Championship 2021 in football will take place. There are lots of competitions this year and it will be interesting to see which teams do well and which teams end up at the bottom. One of the teams which might be interesting to look at, is Sweden. They reached the quarter-finals at the latest World Cup in 2018, so it’s not far-fetched to think they might have a chance of doing well at this year’s European Championship. If you want to know more about Sweden’s chances at Euro 2021 and the general predictions for some of the other teams then keep on reading here.

Sweden’s Group

When looking back, Sweden has been pretty consistent when it comes to qualifying for major tournaments. This year, Sweden has been drawn to play in Group E, which means that they are going to meet Spain, Poland and Slovakia. Spain, who has won the European Championship three times before, is the favorite to win both the group and one of the favorites to win the entire championship, so the other teams will have to do their part to beat the predictions. Sweden may end up having a chance as they could finish in the third spot behind Poland and Spain and still qualify. Betting sites in Sweden estimate that the national team has a decent chance to advance from the group stage. Several local betting sites on the Swedish gambling portal show that the odds to pass the group stage ranges around 1,5 to 1.

The right players can do the trick

One of the things that might help out Sweden in their battle to make it to the top, is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He has come out of international retirement and will therefore be playing at the tournament this summer. This might make both fans and the Swedish team extra happy as he could end up being the player who makes the difference. The mix of experience and youth on the Swedish team could make them a success but they are in general one of the more unpredictable teams in the tournament.

Bet on your favorites

If you want to add a little extra excitement to the mix, then you can always consider making different bets. It really makes the matches even more interesting and you will get that extra feel of adventure. You can bet on whether Sweden ends up winning the whole championship or maybe side with the bookmakers and set your bets on Spain going all the way. You can also just make different bets in your friend group and see who ends up being right. That will surely make watching Euro 2021 together even more fun.

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