Date: 17th August 2020 at 9:54pm
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How English Premier League 2020-21 season turns out for Tottenham Hotspur will depend greatly on how successful their relationships within the team are.

A professional football club is always made up of a complicated ecosystem, and most of Mauricio Pochettino’s successes came from how well he managed the spider web of intra-club relationships; something that kept Tottenham Spurs at the top of their game for a considerable amount of time. We saw some of those relationships faltering in the 2019 season, resulting in the Argentine coach’s era finally ending in November.

Now, it will be about how well José Mourinho can make those relationships within the club work, for them to get back to their form next season. Let’s go over three such important relationships that will play a key role in Spurs’ 2020-21 season.

Levy and Mourinho

Both these men have gotten along fairly well so far, as Mourinho had been provided a good understanding of his limits at the club, especially during the transfer window. In 2020-21 season, everyone’s eyes will be once again on this relationship, as both of them are single-minded and extremely driven people. Their interests are also very different from each other. Interestingly, Levy had always wanted Mourinho to come on board at Spurs, and the Portuguese with his arrival also brings the spotlight of the football world on them. If there will be any compromise in this relationship, most of it will need to be from Mourinho who is accustomed to big spending at the clubs he has managed in the past. He enjoys the thrill that comes with confrontation, but will need to remember that it won’t work with Daniel Levy.

Kane and Mourinho

There is no denying the fact that Mourinho requires Harry Kane and the striker requires Spurs’ boss to provide him with regular supply of chances. With Mourinho, Kane has the best chance of putting some silverware on his CV. Not only is Englishman a huge favourite in real-money betting world, he’s highly sought-after in virtual sports betting too. Although Kane had complete belief in Pochettino, but the Argentine eventually couldn’t meet the end goal. Now it is important for the Spurs’ striker to put his trust in José Mourinho. Pochettino’s successor has witnessed the number of goals Kane has managed to score irrespective of his injuries. If Kane can somehow make himself available for a complete season, without any injuries, there is no doubt that Spurs are always going to come out on top.

Mourinho and Ndombele

One important relationship which desperately needs some fixing is the one between Frenchman Ndombele and the Spurs’ new boss. It’s pretty clear that Ndombele is far from Mourinho’s ideal player, something that is clear from the lack of starts he has received underthe Portuguese. But there’s no way Spurs would want to give up on his prized services, especially as many people within the club believe him to be the most talented of all. Now the ball is actually in Ndombele’s court. Tim will tell if he can put in the required efforts and change Mourinho’s mind; or will go after an Inter Milan move instead.

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