Date: 13th October 2021 at 10:49am
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Premier League clubs are all at different moments in time, but is there a team that is in a problem position as much as Tottenham Hotspur right now? The North London club are expected to succeed and push for the top four, but looking at their squad, they simply don’t have the ability in it to do so, with the exception of two players, Harry Kane and Heung Min Son.

These two may be able to carry Tottenham on their backs into a 5th or 6th placed finish, but no better. Take them out of the team and all of a sudden, this is a mid-table team going nowhere. So, what do Spurs do here, do they sell one and try to rebuild elsewhere, in the hope of losing one player but improving overall by adding multiple pieces?

Should Spurs Actively Look to Sell Harry Kane?

There was a lot of talk about Harry Kane this summer, with Manchester City showing an interest in the England forward. However, after much deliberation from both sides, a deal could not be done and shortly after that, Kane publicly stated that he was happy to stay at Tottenham and wanted to focus on the season ahead.

Other than bagging in Europe against lesser teams, Kane has struggled so far to show anything like the kind of form we’ve seen from him over the past few years. Is it time for Kane to leave Spurs, and should the club be looking to sell him on to reinvest elsewhere in this squad?

We’ve mentioned Kane and Son, but Kane in particular is the heartbeat of this team. His goals are key to them, and without him, they are a shadow of what they can be. Obviously if Kane left the club, replacements would be brought in with the money, but if you take him out then this squad looks no better than an eighth placed squad at best.

In very recent years, Spurs have been a team that many people have backed for success in the Premier League, mainly by finishing in the top four. Those using betting offers online for Premier League betting are going to be looking elsewhere for alternatives at the moment, and even more so if Kane leaves, even if in the long term, that may be the best thing for the club to do as they look to come again.

What are the Realistic Aims at Tottenham?

Spurs are a club that has often had aims above where they should be, so what is realistic for the club both now and in the future?

In terms of the current squad as it stands now, the aim for Tottenham should be to finish inside of the top six, though realistically, they are looking at either 5th or 6th with this, as they don’t look ready for the top four.

If they are to ever break into the top four, they need a lot of investment in both defence and midfield, two areas where they have failed to truly reload over the past few years, which has caused them problems.

Whether they sell Harry Kane or not will likely determine how much investment these areas gets. Without the proceeds of that sale, Spurs are likely to keep doing what they do now, which is targeting players they hope to bring in and improve rather than looking to secure genuine quality.

However, if they do sell Kane then another strategy will probably be forced on them by the fans. Should this happen, fans will want to see every single penny of the Kane deal reinvested, and not spread around across many players. They will see quality leaving and want to see quality coming back into the team as a result of that.

If Spurs are to sell Kane, it has to happen over the next 12 months if they want £100 million for him. While fans may not want to lose him, bringing in a £50 million defender and a £50 million midfielder to replace him, may allow the squad to have more balance and less reliance on their two star strikers.

They wouldn’t be going out and replacing Kane directly, but instead would look to replace his goals by conceding less and dominating games more. If this happens, and it works out well for the club, then the top four can be spoken about again as a realistic aim. Until it does, even with Harry Kane, Spurs may have to settle for less.

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