Date: 1st November 2019 at 9:59am
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When it comes to football betting addiction, many people have this misconception that people falling for it lacking strength of character. We would like to clarify right away that this addiction is a mental illness and anyone can suffer from it regardless of the strength of his/her character. Betting or gambling addiction is so common that it has been given a medical term – gambling disorder. As a matter of fact, 3.5% of all US citizens suffer from this disorder.

Furthermore, authorities in different parts of the world are devising schemes to help people overcome such addiction. For example, here’s a reputed website Gamegrin talking about Gamstop self-exclusion program that is already helping a lot of people tackle gambling addiction, including addiction to football betting. Let’s now tell you about the top 3 symptoms of football betting addiction.

Football betting is at the centre of your existence

Well, there’s nothing wrong in betting on a football match now and then, especially if you do it only a few times each year, or even if once per week. But it can be a sign of addiction if you feel constantly compelled to place football bets despite facing continuous losses. A large number of football betting addicts lose their money placing bad bets because their urge to place bets is much stronger compared to the desperation to win. Not just that, they are constantly on the lookout for means to bet more money on football matches; everything else, including friends, family, job, health and others, takes a backseat.

Constant chase of the high

Often times betting addiction comes spontaneously, for example, this footballer never realised when he got addicted and lost more than £ 200,000 because of it. It can also be extremely difficult and complicated to comprehend this phenomenon, especially when we see that so many people bet regularly yet don’t get addicted, while there are others who become lifelong addicts even after a few bets. The addicts often talk about chasing a high that is usually to do with release of tension. You can liken it to smoking, wherein the smokers get extremely restless if they don’t have any cigarettes on them. They continue in that state until they finally grab one and smoke it. The same is the case with betting addicts.

Sure-shot signs of football betting addiction

If you lie about your football bets and can go to the extent of stealing from others to indulge in the habit, you are definitely a football betting addict. If you regularly borrow money from friends and family, often amounts you’re sure you won’t be able to pay back, it’s a definite sign of football betting addiction. If you regularly fail to meet your bill payment deadlines, eat sparingly and/or don’t consult a doctor when unwell, just because all these expenses eat into your betting fund, you can definitely call yourself a football betting addict. On the whole, the biggest sufferers of betting addiction are the people who are related to the addict.