Date: 25th November 2019 at 10:36am
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From sponsorships to nurturing talent, betting companies are transforming the sports industry in significant ways. But perhaps there’s no sector sports betting has impacted more than how fans watch games.

As more and more people gain interest in sports betting, bookmakers have been acquiring licenses to broadcast major competitions worldwide. What’s more, players don’t need to pay subscription fees to live stream games.

Being a loyal customer who bets regularly is the only price you need to pay for access to the live streaming section. Besides streaming, here are several more ways how betting on sports could influence how people watch games.

Active versus Passive Watching

In sports, there are two types of fans. People who view games passively and those who watch games actively. Betting encourages you to be more active for two reasons. First, you want to predict the progress of the game as you hope it will end as you anticipated. More importantly, you observe the game keenly as you participate in live betting.

Often called in-play betting, live wagering is one of the most dominant forms of gambling in sports. Although it’s rare in the US, in-play betting is so popular in the UK that it makes up over 50% of Bet365’s annual revenue.

Watching sports actively has its benefits and disadvantages, though. While it makes a game more exciting, it can also be distracting. You must stay attentive and watch every minute of the game. But on the other hand, you need to follow up your bets and add more wagers where necessary.

Isolating Sports Fans

Professional bettors, more so in-play punters, prefer to watch games alone than with friends. The reason for this is to avoid distractions while they make crucial betting decisions as a game proceeds. Of course, that means they have to isolate themselves and miss out on the chance to enjoy games with their loved ones.

Some online games have also been accused of isolating players. Online casino games, for example, regularly involve playing slot machines or blackjack alone. But thanks to technology, these games have become social.

On a reliable UK casino, you can play a range of games like blackjack, poker and roulette against fellow players. You can view your fellow players through web cameras and even talk to them. You can also speak to the dealer, ask for bonuses or assistance in real-time.

Of course, sports bettors don’t have to watch every game alone. By betting on teams and players you don’t necessarily love, they can spare time to still catch up with friends as they watch EPL games.

Stimulating Interest in New Sports

Conventionally, most people only watch their favourite teams and players. Arsenal fans can watch their team’s games all-year-round. But few players will be interested in watching Championship or Scottish league games.

When betting is involved, though, you become more than a one-team sports fan. You start to gain a keen interest in a range of sports and leagues. If you love the EPL, you could begin to watch La Liga and Serie A games, especially on the specific teams you bet on.

In a way, sports betting stimulates your interest in other sports besides what you love. It also helps you expand your knowledge on a range of sports topics, which could, in turn, make you a better sports punter.

Mobile Streaming

Streaming games on mobile devices is one of the latest trends in the sports world. And betting sites are playing a significant role in enhancing it. Knowing most punters these days bet on their phones, they’ve made it possible to watch popular sports on these same devices.

If the trend becomes a mainstay, there could be a time when people stop paying TV licenses and concentrate on online streaming entirely. Outside sports, millions of people watch their favourite TV channels online.

However, sports fans are limited by the fact that most broadcasting TV rights are awarded to cable TV networks. Fortunately, sports channels are catching up with trends, and they’ve begun to broadcast a variety of games online.

Streaming sports on mobile betting apps has one distinguishing benefit, though. It’s free as long as you remain an active customer on the bookie app you use for betting.

Watching Games with Money in mind

Some people argue sports betting can reduce your love for a specific sport of team. They have a point. When you start to approach each game like an opportunity to make money, it’s easy to develop hate for teams that disappoint you perpetually.

You stop watching your favourite team for fun. Instead, your primary goal for watching games is to predict the outcome and make money out of it. Some bettors abet this issue by not betting on their favourite teams and players.

Another argument is that watching games for betting reasons can make you lose your loyalty for your preferred team. But is that even possible? Most bettors are avid sports fans. While non-bettors switch off their TVs after their teams concede a few goals by half-time, bettors tend to watch games until the final whistle.

Data-Driven Viewers

Sports bettors might watch games on their TVs, but they always have their smartphones around. That’s the future of sports, where people need phones to check betting odds and other crucial information on match days.

With some people, the game on TV becomes background noise, and they become hooked to live updates from their teams and leagues. Of course, data will continue to become a crucial part of bettors’ lives. And as mobile betting continues to increase, punters will become more reliant on phones for information, especially for in-play betting.

In Conclusion

There’s a significant difference between how betting fans watch sports and how non-bettors play. Punters tend to watch games in isolation, mainly live bettors. They stay close to their phones and use them to get updates about multiple games even when their favourite teams play.

In the future, bettors will continue to rely on their phones for betting. Bookmakers already stream most football matches, meaning they could use these devices to watch games, analyze data and bet.