Date: 19th August 2020 at 3:58pm
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Sports betting in each half might seem like a tricky subject to a beginner, but it isn’t as complicated as you might think. As long as you have the basics covered and possess an understanding of football, there should be no problems. If you still feel unsure about the process, read on as we examine some of the simple tips you can use to maximize your earnings. You can even use this as your guide to smart football betting.

How Does Betting work?

Betting pits you directly against the bookies and is the act of wagering an amount of money on a particular outcome. If things go as you predicted, you make money, and you lose if it doesn’t. Simple, right?

Now, let’s look at a few terms to consider when betting:

Stake: This is the money which you place on the bet that could be won or lost.

Odds: This is, in simple terms, the chances of a particular outcome coming to pass.

Double chance: This is unique to football and is a situation that gives the player an opportunity to pick two odds. For instance, a tie can end in a win, loss, or draw, and with a double chance, you can pick two of these three outcomes.

Betting On Matches

A football game lasts for 90 minutes, and the simplest bets are on a win, loss, or draw. However, there are other types of bets, including first to score, half time win, etc. It should, however, be noted that match bets don’t count in extra time or penalties. Now, let’s look at a few terms to consider when betting on matches:

Accumulators: Accumulators are very popular with sports betters and are a way to make a lot of money from very small investments. The way accumulators work is to offer players up to five games to bet on, with the odds increasing with each selection.

Over/Under Betting: This is a situation where the bookies provide a number, and the bettor can bet over or under the number. For instance, if the number given is 2.5, the bettor can bet on the scoreline being over or under that number. Also, this is available with other possible outcomes like cards, corners, and so on.

Draw No Bet: In this situation, a bettor can place stakes on whether a team will win or lose. If a draw is achieved instead, then the bettor gets their stake back. This is a good way to lower the risks of a bet, but on the downside, it also leads to lower odds and smaller winnings.

Other Forms of Betting

Football betting doesn’t solely rely on events that happen on the pitch. Therefore, other forms of betting are available, including the very popular first manager sack bet, which, as the name implies, wagers on which manager gets fired first. There is also the next manager bet, which places wagers on who the next manager will be. In addition, there are possible bets for players joining a club, leaving a club, and so on.

With so many options, football betting is a very fun and engaging pastime, which has the bonus of winning you a little money from time to time.

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