Date: 3rd August 2020 at 2:42pm
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So you have finally decided to start your online sprits betting journey. You have your bankroll all ready, and you are very excited to make your first sign up and place your first bet online. However, you still need to know some last few things before you officially start betting online.

If you are looking for tips, reviews, and recommendations for good bookies on the internet, good review site can help you with that. On the other hand, this post will give you a reminder of the mistakes that you should find yourself on when betting on sports online.

Here are the top three mistakes you must never do in online sports betting.

Submitting fake credentials

There could be many reasons why someone would submit fake personal information to an online sports betting site or app. Some people do this out of fear of leaving online traces of their gambling activities. On the other hand, others are simply too wary of their personal information being “handed over” to a website.

In the first place, if someone feels like they need to hide their gambling activities to other people, especially their friends and loved ones that could mean several red flags and could be a starting sign of an unhealthy gambling habit. Most people who end up with diagnosed gambling addiction have one thing in common–they always feel the urge to hide their gambling activities.

However, would you be able to register for an online sports betting site or app using fake credentials? Yes, you can. You might even be able to play some games before the system detects discrepancies in your information. Usually, the problem starts in the withdrawal process.

So what will happen if an online sports betting site or app discovers that you are using fake information? The least of the actions they could take is to indefinitely suspend your account on their site, along with all the money won and deposited to the account–in the end, you stand to lose everything you will put into the site if you signed up with fake information.

Not claiming welcome bonuses–or any bonuses at all

One of the best things that set online sports betting apart from the traditional in-person sports betting is the existence of generous bonuses from online bookies. From a welcome bonus to kick off your sports betting journey on their site or app to occasional deposit bonuses and loyalty bonuses–you may start to feel as if there is always free stuff being handed over by your bookie.

Do these bonuses give you extra money as a profit? Sadly, most bonuses are not designed to make you earn more money but rather, just to keep you playing. However, they are still chances to win money, and if you still don’t get it, they’re free. Even if chances are slim, who would say no to free chances to win money?

Picking the wrong site or app

So, which one is the best online sports bookmaker? The answer could differ from one person to another, as each bookie offers something that other bookies may not. At the end of the day, all comes down to what is best for you, playing style, your preferences, and how you “roll” it.

Bookies differ in a number of things: the range and number of sports available that you can bet on, the bonuses offered, and the payment methods accepted, just to name some. For you to be able to enjoy a profitable and enjoyable sports betting experience, make sure that you choose the bookie that is the perfect fit for you.

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